Life is life

A second chance to live happily

In life you may be offered several second chances to live happily, living in greater Cairo is no longer an option for many. Early movers to new cities are always winners as moving to a well-planned community is definitely a second chance to live happily.

Infinite Proximity

When all roads lead to your home, your future address, “Entrada” is in a very prime location at the Upper corner of R7, one of the prominent residential areas in New Capital. The surrounding congregates all well reputable developers and well-designed residential projects.

Entrada offers you a perfect proximity, 10 minutes from New Cairo, 5 minutes from both the Suez Road and El Sokhna Road, 10 minutes from the new airport and 5 minutes from all ministries complex.

Entrada is conveniently located close enough to the Egyptian Cabinet Ministries’ buildings, and the Presidential Palace.

Its position in the upper corner of R7 few minutes’ walk facing the Expo city, and the Diplomats’ zone secure both the proper neighboring portfolio and the long-term value of your asset.

Infinite Equilibrium

Entrada Masterplan is very unique in many aspects, as it was developed to provide an equilibrium of buildings, landscape and walkways creating a flawless and a harmonious balance.

Entrada daring crescent building prototype is re-inventing privacy and allowing large landscape views for all units.

The modern architectural lines and the refined elegance of the building entrances will create a lavish community in a very harmonious atmosphere. The brilliant white color of the exteriors, combined with the large glass finish mixed with the green landscape will transcend a very peaceful ambience that orchestrate tranquility.

The spectacular water features along with landscape details were carefully crafted, to compliment the greenery footprint and to be observed from all units as a handmade painting.

The distributed indoor and outdoor activities areas will enable privacy for families’ casual gatherings, and the pedestrian walkway inside the greenery will offer a true botanical journey.

Extensive urban planning workshops were conducted to ensure that sun study was undertaken to highlight the optimum positions for all building blocks, in addition to securing proper cross ventilation for all units to keep them inviting.

The streets density and traffic flow were properly designed to smoothly control the residents’ maneuverability and sustain a good level of serenity for the community.

Each unit layout is meticulously designed to ensure that beauty meets functionality with minimum space wastage and maximum efficiency to deliver on Sorouh overriding mission that we build legacies not just homes for generations to keep.